Ursviken Technology is a member of the Ursviken Group, a customer oriented group of Scandinavian metal sheet working solution and service support providers. The group companies form a global business network for production, sales and services – joining forces in serving their common customer expectations.

Ursviken Group is owned by the Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners.

Ursviken Group  Building on a solid experience and history of over 100 years in the forefront of sheet metal fabrication and heavy plate metal working, the group offers a comprehensive package of high-quality solutions and life cycle services.

Ursviken Technology enables a significant increase in the productivity of heavy plate working. Our advanced high precision solutions offer improved production speed and increased profits to customers operating in a variety of industries, such as construction equipment, tube and pole manufacturing and ship building.

Pivatic invites the sheet metal fabricators to take a tiger leap: a major improvement in productivity in a single bound. Our advanced solutions enable a significant increase in the output, flexibility and profitability of your production – and better Return-On-Investment, ROI.