New big order for a Straightening Press HSP-2000 ton to Uddeholms AB in Sweden

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“Uddeholm is the world’s leading manufacturer of tool steel for industrial tools. And that is no accident. They put their hearts into every piece of steel and every step of the process, from raw material to finished product. Technology is important, just as know-how and product development. But equally vital are desire and courage, power and a forward-looking spirit”.

After almost 50 years of use, it is time for Uddeholm’s Stålverk in Hagfors to replace its old Ursviken straightening machine that has most been in 5-shift over the years. Not because it is run-down but more tonnage is needed.

Ursviken Technology becomes again a supplier of a significant machine in which Uddeholm straightening tool steel bars and rods. The current machine is 500 tons but now more tonnage is needed to handle high strength material in larger dimensions and the new one now becomes 2 000 tons.

The plant also includes handling equipment for bar and rods materials up to 12 tons / pc with in- feeding equipment and possibilities to separate stacked plates, roll conveyers, stacking and hole drilling station.

The plant is expected to be in operation during the third quarter of 2018.