New order to Ursviken Technology from the UK

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The fifth machine delivery to a pre-eminent engineering company focused on world-class power and propulsion system in the UK.


Ursviken Technology AB takes an order for a fifth machine delivery to the UK-company.

We will manufacture a press brake, OptiFlex 100 tons, 3.1 meters.



A decisive factor why Ursviken received this order is that we have developed very special technique to suit the customer’s unique needs, says Mikael Linderot, Sales Manager at Ursviken Technology for the UK-market.

The customer’s assessment was that our technical solutions were the best for their production.

  • The customer asked for a press brake with the highest possible flexibility and the most advanced CNC-programming.
    The control systems that we offer can handle many different bending methods and direct NC programming, which is a requirement when often using special tools.
  • Further, as required off-line programming with full 3D simulation that can take into consideration to materials with extreme spring back and rapid changeover capabilities.
  • Quick re-configurability capabilities that improves the productivity in the manufacture of short runs. This was a central issue in the contract.
  • Quality while maintaining accuracy over time is another obvious requirement from the customer, says Mikael Linderot.