Ursviken OptiFlex Press Brakes are ready for the latest technology that increases accuracy and manufacturing speed.

The OptiFlex press brake comes standard with exteded tool space, unlimited gap frame and advanced technology prepared for automatic manufacturing, with exceptional accuracy at increased productivity speed.


Product Description

OptiFlex comes with a line of features that makes it possible to customize the machine for any manufacturing need. OptiFlex as standard with our CNC-crowning and as option our Angle Springback Control device that ensures that every bend is kept within a tolerance of +/- 0.3 degrees.No other press brake can deliver this precision on a continuous basis. The angle measurer and the CNC controlled dies allow for a more versatile and faster production when it comes to more demanding projects and shorter runs. Standard is also extended tool space and unlimited gap frame. To learn more about all the features that OptiFlex can be equipped with, look in Technology & Features.

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