Angle control
Angle control

Ursviken has developed an active mechanical angle control system, where the programmed angle is always retained irrespective of material quality. The system traps deviations both in sheet thickness and different spring backs.
As an alternative we offer laserbased angle control.

Product Description

Mechanical Angle Control

Ursviken’s Angle and Spring Back Measurement System is active throughout the bending cycle to ensure angular accuracy regardless of material variations and forming conditions. The influence of bend length, press force and off center loads is eliminated, which reduces trial and error bending. It is available for single vee dies or integrated in the programmable lower die (MP-VDT).

The system can be user configured with multiple stations to measure at strategic positions along the bend line.

This animation of our Angle and Spring Back Measurement shows the working process that results in accurate angles. It produces higher quality, faster processing, and less scrap material than other machines on the market.

The Angle and Spring Back Measurement system ensures consistent manufacturing results up to 100% at an accuracy of +/-0.3 degrees. This consistency enhances profits by eliminating the need for post-process inspection. Components fit better resulting in an over-all higher quality of final product.

Laserbased Angle control
The bending angle is measured by scanning the projection of the laser beam to the surface of the sheet metal with the CMOS camera. The angle between the laser and the viewing axis of the camera defines the correlation between the position of the line in the camera image and the angle between the sensor and the sheet metal. With a second sensor at the opposite site the bending angle is calculated.

  • Works contactless
  • Integration in existing press brakes possible
  • No modifications of stamp or die necessary
  • Parallel use of up to 4 sensors at a time
  • Force detection for spring-back calculation