Deflection compensation
Deflection compensation

Ursviken’s Deflection Compensation System Optimizes Parts Accuracy. Ursviken’s deflection compensation system contains a minimal number of moving parts to maximize it’s advantage. When the Deflection Compensation Bar is pulled, it raises the dies without losing the solid mass of steel, ensuring perfect accuracy.

As an option we can offer a CNC controlled crowning system called FlexiCrown. The crowning wedge is divided in its length direction into segments. Each segment (cylinder, feed back system and hydraulics) can position totally independent without interference from other segments. All wedges are joined together which means that they can be positioned with high precision and without negative influence by force. The wedges are made of high strength cast iron.

Product Description

Ursviken’s Deflection Compensation System is illustrated in this animation. A deflection curve is automatically added to the bed profile, ensuring a consistent angle along the bend.


FlexiCrown, individual crowning/local corrections every 600 mm. Sectioned wedges, made from 180 mm table and up to 700 mmk. Software controlled, curved calculated by FEM-analysed frame.