Ursviken’s Programmable Lower Dies increases manufacturing speed and part quality. Tool Changes Effect The Bottom Line.

Product Description


A single project requiring tool changes on a regular press brake can make or break the bottom line. With Ursviken, a part or a family of parts can be run without tool changes. Ursviken’s tools and lower dies can be set-up as illustrated here. Each tool/die pair is programmable for different bends, angles, bend radiuses, thicknesses, widths and depths, maintaining high accuracy with every bend. This allows for complex products to be completed in just one series of tasks without interruption.



It takes 12 different components to finish the product pictured here. Ursviken’s press brakes can perform them all with one single set-up. This integrated versatility makes our presses very profitable.

Green Light Time and Profitability


Machine profitability is directly linked to machine utilization. The graph depicted here illustrates the machine utilization in relationship to the number of tasks needed to finish a product. As you can see, the more tasks performed, the more efficient our press brakes are and the less efficient our competitors become.