Shipbuilding and Special machines
Shipbuilding and Special machines

Ursviken can design and manufacture special machines on request, some examples of machines produced are Frame Bender, Winding press, Work shop press, Straightening press and Forging press.

Product Description

Ursviken Shipbuilding Press type SBRP

  • The frame bender is a 4-way bending and straightening press.
  • Bending bulbs, flats, tees and angles.
  • Compact one piece design including hydraulic operation.
  • Machining of, for instance, S-profiles including straightening without turning of the profile
  • Bending of flat bars with special tools.
  • Step feeding of profiles, with free selection of the stope length.
  • Variable distance between anvils, always centric to the main cylinders.
  • Simple and well adapted design of the control functions.
  • All bending forces are internally absorbed, therefore no foundation is necessary – only simple attachment by bolts.
  • Automatic operation by teach-in programming.
  • Storing of programs, from single bending points up to complete bending programs, for repeating of similar bending programs by internal PLC.
  • Modern system for e.g. trouble shooting.