Ursviken develops and manufactures standard tooling for a variety of machines. We improve on the technology and on the material quality so that we can offer our customers the best possible solutions to their manufacturing problems.

Catalogue Tools for Ursviken Technology presses


Catalogue Tools for all presses

For Ursviken diesΒ in the Catalogue, see pages 73-81.

Product Description

Our tooling includes adjustable tools of type MP-VDT and VDT II.l If you need assistance to select standard or special tools, we are pleased to help. We guarantee the best fit and the highest quality.

We have shear blades for Ursviken and Adira guillotine shears. For press brakes, no matter what brand or year your machine is, Ursviken has the tooling that you are looking for.

Ursviken can supply tools and dies for press brakes of all brands; Ursviken – Adira – Amada – Promecam – Beyeler – Bystronic – Wila – Trupf – LVD – EHT – Weinbrenner.

Our tooling includes our patented adjustable CNC controlled lower tool type VDT.

We have different sizes of Multi Purpose Variable Die Tool (MPVDT) and Variable Die Tool (VDT) see pictures 1-4.

Picture 1. MPVDT 8-90 mm
Picture 2. VDT II 28-124 mm
Picture 3. VDT II 40-260 mm
Picture 4. VDT II 50-370 mm