Ursviken increases productivity on existing machines

posted in: Company News

Ursviken has upgraded an existing 12 m 1500 ton press brake of another brand at SSAB Europe Oy, Seinäjoki Steel Service Center.

By adding a VDT (CNC Variable Die Tool) and replacing the existing mechanical crowning system with a FlexiCrown system the productivity and quality was increased significantly. At the same time the controller system was updated.

The back gauge drives was replaced (DC >AC) and back stop fingers was replaced to a modern style. Scribe light was added to enable quicker bending when marked bend lines on the plates are needed to be used instead of gauging the plate edge to a back stop.

Finally, the safety system was updated with a LazerSafe system for safer and more efficient production.

Existing machines on the market can definitely be worth upgrading if the specification for the frame etc. is acceptable for the future production. On bigger machines the cost of the steel work is a significant part of the machine price for a new machine. “Also consider the civil work that needs to be done for a new machine, the alternative to upgrade an existing machine is definitely worth to look into says Stefan Sundqvist (After Sales Manager) at Ursviken Technology AB”.